The impact of donations on people living with cancer

The generous support of our donors enables us to fund the most promising research as well as essential support programs and services for people living with cancer in Quebec.

Through our combined efforts, we can invest in the most cutting-edge ideas to help prevent cancer and to improve and save lives.

Life’s greatest challenges cannot be met alone. It takes more than a village — it takes a society! Cancer is no exception.

In Canada, 2 in 5 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.


of people with cancer will survive at least 5 years following their diagnosis compared to 25% in the 1940s.

$43 M

More than $43M has been raised by the Ball

Cancer research

Through our bold approach to funding world-class research, together we can take progress to new heights, and thus improve and save more lives.

In 2023, the Canadian Cancer Society invested $7.26 million and subsidized 43 research projects in Quebec.

Support Programs and Services

Our support programs and services help people living with cancer. We offer in-depth, verified information, peer support through our online community, financial assistance to subsidize travel expenses, and a home-away-from-home for those who need to travel to receive treatment.

Cancer Information Helpline

In 2022-2023, we provided information to some 7,000 people and responded to some 8,000 requests by phone, email or chat in Quebec.

In 2022-2023, over 40,000 people from across Quebec benefited from our online peer support community.

Jacques-Cantin Lodge

In 2022-2023, we housed some 700 people at our Jacques-Cantin Lodge in Montreal.

Financial assistance for travel expenses

In 2022-2023, we gave out around $240,000 in financial aid to 700 people for travel-related expenses so they could get to their treatments hassle free.