Canadian Cancer Society $700,000 raised for this Daffodil Ball Corporate Leaders Fundraising Campaign.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your generosity. See you soon!
We are going through the biggest financial challenge in our history Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have experienced a $60 million revenue decline.

A Special Edition

Andrea Seale, CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society, is calling upon the support of all our major donors.

One Day at a Time

The inspiring story of Sylvain Poissant, and the key role that the CCS played in his cancer journey.

The Effects of the Pandemic

We are pursuing our efforts despite the pandemic, but we still urgently need donations to support innovative research and essential services for people affected by cancer. COVID-19 changed everything in our lives and created significant delays in diagnoses and cancer treatments.

Innovative Research Projects

Our Spark grants fund particularly innovative research projects, such as a project by Quebec City researchers who are developing a highly sensitive nanothermometer. This tool will allow doctors to diagnose cancer much earlier and improve the chances of a successful treatment.

Financial Support for Travel

This program helps thousands of people get to their doctor’s appointments and rids them of the financial stress caused by such travels.

Cancer Information Helpline

Our Cancer Information Helpline is an essential service for people affected by cancer. It lends a sympathetic ear and provides personalized support to those in need.

Jacques‑Cantin Lodge

Our goal is to provide all the amenities necessary, with the warmth and comfort of home, to people staying at the Jacques-Cantin Lodge. It allows families to help and support people affected by cancer during their treatment.

The Daffodil Ball

Over the years, the Daffodil Ball has become the most important cancer-related benefit gala in Canada. We get together every year to raise donations needed to fund innovative research and to keep our support programs running. Thanks to you, we help improve the quality of life of thousands of people affected by cancer.